Installation and Dependencies


To get the lastest published version, install using pip:

pip install gpvolve

To install from source, clone this repo and install using pip:

User can clone the github repository and install it locally.

git clone
cd gpvolve
pip install -e .


The following dependencies are required for the gpvolve package.

  • gpmap: Module for constructing powerful genotype-phenotype map python data-structures.
  • gpgraph_: Module for graphic representation of genotype-phenotype maps built on top of networkx.
  • networkx: Python package for construction and analysis of networks and graphs.
  • msmtools: Python package containing tools for construction and analysis of markov models, including Transition Path Theory and PCCA+.
  • numpy: Python’s array manipulation package.
  • cython: Programming language written in Python with C-like performance.
  • matplotlib: Python plotting library.